Content transcreator


Creating content that inspires and engages. Adapting your English communications for the Quebec market. Rendering your texts more fluid so that it doesn’t sound like a translation. I can combine my forces to yours to harmonize your Web and printed contents.


Your project is close to my heart; I am asking you all the relevant questions and I make sure to understand your needs so that I can propose you made-to-measure contents.

02. QualitY

I master the intricacies of French and I am recognized for my creativity and my ability to play with words.


I aim to build a meaningful relationship, knowing that I can contribute to the success of an organization and share the efforts as well as the good moves. And most of all, follow the path that you take!

You have invested lots of time and you have worked hard to spread the word about your organization. You are now ready to take the next step: adapt your communication strategies to reach other markets in the world.

You are dreading…

  • wrong steps that can affect your brand image;
  • the questionable, botched translations that does not respect the essence and the voice of your organization;
  • or the selection process of your supplier of translation services.

You would need a fairy that can support you and help you meet the challenge of reaching Quebec’s market. She could translate your content, play the role of the guardian of the French language to bring a touch of clarity to your communications, and of course, bring creativity while translating or copywriting your content.

I can help you

Jennyfer Collin

Creative translator, editor

As a transcreator of marketing content, I help my clients produce fluid and flawless contents. I am working with Communication & Marketing Managers as well as entrepreneurs to translate, copy write or edit their Web and printed content. I have a master’s degree in Creative writing and more than 18 years of experience in the language field—I combine creativity and conscientiousness.

Translation & transcreation

Fidelity toward the essence of a text

Recognizing the style and essence of a text, as well as its rhythm and its prosody is one thing; making it fluid, persuasive and faithful to the source text is another thing.

Highly creative, with a core literary background, I built onto these strengths to develop expertise in transcreation. In marketing and advertising, transcreation refers to the adaptation process of a message to another culture. Much more than a literal translation, transcreation aims to maintain the intention of the message and the emotion it conveys, while using different creative strategies.

In short, I help my English-speaking clients to communicate effectively with the Quebec market, taking into account the interests, motivations and references that are unique to this market.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram posts.


Press releases, newsletters, brochures, business presentations, biographies, product sheets, etc.


Travel and tourism, health and well-being, human resources, retail, food and gastronomy, media, culture, literature, etc.


Web sites, blog posts, advertising spots, scripts of program-length commercials, video subtitles, etc.


SDL Trados Studio 2021, MemoQ, in-house developed translation software, YouTube (captioning).

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